A Message for My Chubb Clients

In my professional experience, Chubb is a gold-standard carrier in homeowners insurance. They offer one of the most comprehensive coverage contracts in the industry and their claims performance is outstanding. Anybody with a fire loss would have been fortunate to have Chubb.

But Chubb is expensive. It was costly to keep their promise to fire victims and it has become clear that more of California is exposed to fire risk than previously thought. As a result, Chubb is making renewals at increased rates and is declining most new business applications.

If you have Chubb and want to keep it you’ve made a prudent decision. You have excellent insurance and yes the rate went up, but it reflects a riskier world out there. You have valuable assets to protect and feel the cost is reasonable as a percent of total assets and, if bundled, you appreciate the quality auto and liability coverage as well.

On the other hand, if you have Chubb and their price/value equation is no longer working for you, give me a call to discuss. I want each of my clients to have the right insurance for them at the right price available.