Every Business Needs Insurance

Every business needs insurance. Proof of general liability insurance is required by your landlord before you sign your lease. Workers’ compensation insurance is required by the state before your employees can come to work. Other forms of insurance protect your business and your personal assets from business-related risk. The use of an independent, experienced insurance broker like Desert Insurance Solutions is highly recommended. Continue reading “Every Business Needs Insurance”

Liability Coverage Checklist

Last month I used the phrase “sweat the big stuff” and it doesn’t get bigger than liability risk. In the US in general, and California specifically, you can get sued for just about anything and the legal concept of “fault” frequently defies common sense. And unlike property coverage, a liability loss can exceed the value of your assets. So the risk is important and complicated, but it can be managed. Continue reading “Liability Coverage Checklist”

The 2nd Most Important Things About Insurance: Contracts Are All Different

As I mentioned last month, there are three important things to note about your insurance. The first, as we’ve discussed, is a good agent — preferably an independent one. The second important consideration, and one I’ld like to address here is your insurance contract – because contracts are all different. Continue reading “The 2nd Most Important Things About Insurance: Contracts Are All Different”

The Most Important Thing About Insurance: A Good Agent

Hi everybody and thanks for reading my first post. I’ll be posting more from here on out with little tidbits I’ve picked up from my years in the insurance business, along with current tips you can use. This month I’d like to kick things off with something more general: one of the three most important things about your insurancewhat makes a good agent? Continue reading “The Most Important Thing About Insurance: A Good Agent”