Why Financial Professionals Partner with Desert Insurance Solutions

The financial advisory business has evolved from a transaction to a relationship basis where clients expect a central advisor to “quarterback” a team to provide “comprehensive” planning and advice. If you’re the quarterback clients do not want to hear “it’s not my job” with regard to property and casualty insurance.  And if you’re on the team (accountant, lawyer, real estate agent, mortgage broker, fiduciary, etc.), you’re exposed to client risk issues every day.

The very real risk of devastating lawsuits directed at “deep pocket” affluent clients is frequently overlooked

Property and casualty analysis for high net worth individuals and businesses is much more complicated than limits and deductibles. And it’s not just insurance…lawsuit risk can be mitigated by modifying certain activity and structuring protective legal entities. Here’s a checklist of client types that are likely to have non-routine insurance issues:

  • Primary residence value above $500k and/or contains unique features
  • Net worth over $2mm
  • Two or more homes
  • Homes or assets in trusts, LLCs or other vehicles for estate planning
  • Lifestyle that involves extensive travel, valuable articles, yachts or personal aircraft
  • Employ domestic help
  • Board member of non-profit
  • Adult children on auto policies
  • Professional with E+O or malpractice exposure
  • Business owner

Financial advisors, lawyers, accountants and real estate professionals don’t have time to become insurance experts, nor are they licensed to sell it. The solution is to explicitly address your client’s liability risk then partner with a trusted experienced property and casualty insurance expert like Desert Insurance Solutions.

Why Partner with Desert Insurance Solutions?

Desert Insurance Solutions is set up to support enlightened financial advisors:

  • Independent. We are endorsed by multiple major high net worth and commercial carriers. Unlike captive agencies, we don’t force a square peg into a round hole.
  • Experience. Carrie is one of the most qualified experts in high net worth personal lines. There are also insurance experts at large brokers, but their interest is large commercial accounts.
  • Coordination. We keep you in the loop every step. We want to provide a value-added service that will enhance your status with existing clients and provide an edge over your competition in winning new ones.
  • Non-Compete. Unlike other agencies we do not sell any savings or accumulation products. Unlike some agencies, we have no exclusive relationship with one financial advisor. We don’t offer legal, accounting or real estate services. Your client relationship will be respected and never compromised.

How We Work with Financial Professionals

In an initial meeting, periodic review or related to a transaction you simply raise the issue of property and casualty exposures with your clients by asking three questions:

1. Is your insurance agent an independent expert?

2. Are you satisfied with the amount of contact and general service you receive from your insurance agent?

3. Are you confident that your personal assets are completely protected from a major auto, homeowner, business or professional lawsuit?

If the answer is no or maybe, you can refer the client directly to Carrie or collect policy declaration pages yourself. You can briefly check limits, but even if limits appear adequate, do not assume everything is okay… instead, submit them to us for a free one page analysis where we will identify any issues. We can send that analysis to you, or Carrie can review it with your client directly.

Final Thoughts

The unfortunate reality is it is not particularly difficult to become a basic insurance agent. A product/service mismatch occurs when successful middle income earners work their way to high net worth status or business owner but keep their basic insurance program through inertia. More disturbing is the number of errors we find when reviewing these legacy insurance arrangements.

Why take a chance? Your clients must buy P+C insurance somewhere… it’s not optional. Why not make sure it’s right and look good at the same time?

Desert Insurance Solutions looks forward to becoming your “go to” insurance agency.

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