Collector Cars Are Fun

Think about your car for a moment…what words come to mind? Hopefully words like safe and comfortable, and maybe luxurious, practical or fast depending on your preferences. This newsletter is about collector cars and for most collectors their first word is fun.

Let’s first organize vehicles into a few buckets:

Cars with original MSRP below $100k that are used for daily driving and expected to depreciate.

High Value
Cars with original MSRP above $100k that are used for daily driving and expected to depreciate.

Cars that aren’t used for daily driving and not expected to depreciate. Includes certain “exotic” cars (high-powered later model high-value cars with an unusual look like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McClaren) and certain “classic” cars (30+ years old, restored, part of a collection, limited production).

ATVs, UTVs, sand rails, golf carts, motorhomes, motorcycles.

Insuring Collector Cars

Let’s look closer at protecting collector cars…insuring them with a standard auto policy is a mistake. Collector cars aren’t expected to depreciate but standard auto policies depreciate value every year. Collector cars aren’t driven much but standard auto policies price for more frequent driving. Standard auto policies have features like rental reimbursement that you don’t need on your collector car. Standard auto policies on collector cars provide too little coverage at too high a cost. You need your collector car to be properly identified and insured.

Collector Car Policies

Collector cars can be insured with specialty stand-alone policies (e.g. Hagerty) or as part of your existing policy (e.g. Pure, Chubb). Hagerty can be engaged directly but we prefer clients work through Desert Insurance Solutions so we can integrate your coverage and limits (no additional cost to you). In general, collector car policies provide:

  • Agreed value (amount of property coverage is in your contract, not dependent on depreciating “Blue Book”)
  • Lower premiums to account for low miles driven
  • Original equipment manufacturer parts, and special fabrication if parts aren’t available
  • Enhanced service to help with difficult repair issues

On Track With Collector Cars

Years ago insurance policies prohibited racing. Policyholders got around this by putting their cars on tracks and denying they were racing. So policies, including collector car policies, now deny coverage for any on track activity.

But we have a Desert Insurance Solution! We now can provide a special policy that protects your car for those days you are on the track with your collector car. You still can’t race…but you would be covered if testing or at driving schools for example. Call me if you’re taking your car to the track, or use the following link to easily set up your coverage:


Protecting Collector Cars

Here are some basic protection steps…don’t underestimate rodents…I’ve had several claims due to those nasty critters:

  • Clean and safe storage
  • Keep all documentation
  • Research and document history
  • Take photos
  • Employ qualified maintenance
  • Drive occasionally to lube and check
  • Drain and rodent protection for extended storage
  • Properly insure

Fun Factoids About Cars

  • The first Chevy Camaro off production was black, and Chevy considered naming the car the Panther
  • Only seven Plymouth Hemi Barracudas were ever made
  • All Corvettes are made in Bowling Green, KY
  • There is no 1983 Corvette
  • 65% of all Rolls Royce autos ever made are still on the road
  • The original Dukes of Hazzard show featured 309 different 1969 Dodge Chargers
  • Lamborghini was created after Enzo Ferrari insulted Ferruccio Lamborghini
  • Don’t try to outrun the police in Dubai. The Dubai Police Department has a green and white Bugatti Veyron that tops out at 253 mph!

Collector cars are both valuable and fun. And collector car owners usually have an emotional connection with their cars. So let’s protect them the right way…call me if you get one, or if you have any questions about protecting yours.