Desert Insurance Solutions Expands to Arizona

I’m pleased to announce Desert Insurance Solutions has opened a second office in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have quite a few clients in Arizona and want to serve them better. We’re excited to bring our “local experts, trusted friends” solutions to another part of the Desert!

Because we insure many personal lines clients with summer homes outside the desert, we have clients all over. Wherever you are, it’s important to me that you feel as though I’m your “local” agent. Now with today’s technology, “local” need not mean physically next door – but it does mean accessible and responsive. It means actively protecting you from insurable risk, agent mistakes and insurance industry bureaucracy.

What does that take?

  • experience
  • independent access to multiple quality carriers
  • industry contacts
  • willingness to invest time and energy

Accessible means you can call me anytime 24/7/365. Here’s my cell: 206-719-3651.  I bet you can’t call the President of GEICO 24/7. An outsourced service rep in India, maybe.

To the mainstream insurance industry, the public is an ocean of fish and funny advertising is their bait. If you as an individual fish have a real issue, it is more cost-effective for them to simply throw you back and catch more new fish.

I, on the other hand, find solutions to real client issues all the time:

  • A real estate investor’s existing agent told him to “look elsewhere” to insure his rental condo with an unfenced pool. I found him insurance.
  • A client built a home with finishes typically excluded by earthquake insurance. I found a carrier without the exclusion.
  • A client got a big rate increase when smoke from a neighbor’s fire damaged his home. I found a carrier alternative at a reasonable rate.
  • A couple told me their carrier cancelled their insurance because of brush fire risk. I found alternative coverage.
  • A client had his vehicle damaged and was having trouble with the claims process. I stepped in and got it fixed.
  • A commercial client had me review his Worker’s Comp plan. I corrected misclassifications and saved over $10k.

The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter where life takes you. If you’re my client, I’m your local agent! Just like next door!

I continue to appreciate all your referrals. If you have friends in Arizona who could benefit from our services, simply share this page with them with a note.

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