Desert Insurance Solutions named “Agency of the Year”

Desert Insurance Solutions is proud to announce that we have been named “Agency of the Year” by National Underwriter (NU) Property and Casualty Magazine.

Editor-in-Chief Rosalie Donlon writes:

Conventional wisdom holds that independent agencies are going to vanish because today’s insureds want self-service. From what we see at NUPC, however, people are still looking to agencies for trusted advisors, especially when they’re making significant changes in their lives, whether it’s starting a new business, buying property or blending families — because nothing happens without insurance.

The most successful agencies look back at what they’ve done before that provides value to their clients and then continue such best practices. They also look ahead and access what must change so they can continue providing value to clients and grow their businesses in the future.

Today we are pleased to announce the second of three winners of the 2019 Agency of the Year Awards.

“The entire team is honored to be named Agency of the Year,” said Desert Insurance Solutions President Carrie Babij. “Our top priority is always to offer our customers the best service and take care of their individual insurance needs. To be spotlighted by NUPC for our efforts is very exciting.”

You can read the entire post, which includes a profile on Desert Insurance Solutions here.