Ham and Eggs Breakfast

There’s an old saying about a ham and eggs breakfast: the chicken is involved and the pig is committed.

In 2015 I was involved with a Coachella Valley Economic Partnership event for young women preparing to attend college. I spoke to a group of 200 about starting out as a single mom, working my way up to corporate executive and eventually running my own business. I encouraged them to be positive and persistent as they navigated the various speedbumps that were sure to come on their personal journeys. After my talk a handful came up to thank me, I handed out some business cards and headed out for some meetings.

As I fumbled for my keys in the parking lot a young woman named Carol Barry approached and introduced herself. She said she appreciated my talk and told me she was a single mom herself. A week later Carol called and asked if I would consider an internship for her. I thought for a moment and asked myself an important question: did I just want to be involved with these girls by giving little talks or should I step up and do something to make a difference, in other words, become committed. I said yes to the internship. What a good decision.

Carol committed to her end by successfully navigating school, work and being a single mom for the next four years while steadily increasing responsibility. In 2019 Carol graduated with her business degree and is now our Operations Manager.

This week I’m happy to report Carol fulfilled a dream she had since becoming a mother…she bought her first house. I am so proud of this young woman and all she has accomplished. I know from my experience it’s possible but not easy. 

 Congratulations to Carol:

Moving from just being involved to really being committed entails some risk. But to me Carol’s picture says more than words about the big rewards. It’s my favorite aspect of Desert Insurance Solutions.

I hope all your commitments, whatever they are, turn out as satisfying for you.