Car worth over $50,000? If so, you might be missing out on special insurance features from Desert Insurance Solutions.

Agreed Value Coverage

You choose the value of your car. If your car is totaled or stolen, you get that amount, regardless of age or mileage. You can then use those funds to buy a new replacement car. It’s much better than standard insurance which pays depreciated value.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

Your car is restored with quality OEM parts to give it a similar look, feel and function as before the accident.

Generous Replacement Rentals

No “per day” limits on your car rental during repairs. You don’t need to rent a cheap sedan when you’ve been driving a luxury SUV.

Collision Repair Experts

A team of collision repair experts will focus on guiding you through a seamless process that will connect you with top local repair resources to get your car back to pre-claim condition.

Quality Defense Team

If you’re in an accident with an expensive car, the other party is likely to view you as a lawsuit target. Premium auto insurance carriers employ top-notch legal staffs for your defense.

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