Carrie explains:

“Insurance is not a commodity, it’s your protection contract. In this contract you can build in low protection at a low price or high protection at a higher price. What you need is the right protection for you at the best price available. To get that, you need an agent who cares about your unique situation, has industry expertise and has access to multiple high quality carriers.”

“But many people today buy insurance online or from an agent they don’t know and doesn’t know them. So without the right-up-to date coverage they could be very disappointed with a claim.”

“I came up with a better way. Desert Insurance Solutions offers expert hands-on client relations. We have decades of experience and have secured independent access to top insurance carriers. And no matter where you are located, we want you to feel like you have a trusted friend right next door.”

Desert Insurance Solutions provides commercial, worker’s compensation, professional liability, health and auto/homeowner/umbrella insurance. Contact us today.