How to contact Desert Insurance Solutions during COVID-19

Hi everybody, I hope this message finds you safe and healthy as we manage through this challenging period. To comply with government recommendations regarding COVID-19 safe distancing, and to protect the health of my clients and employees, I have decided to temporarily close our offices for face to face visits. Be assured we have prepared for this in our contingency planning and will be able to provide service on your insurance.  We just won’t be able to do it “in person” for a few weeks.

It is important to keep all your insurance in force and accurately up-to-date throughout this period. If you have any changes to your personal or business situation, or any questions or concerns, please contact us. The most efficient way is e-mail, but feel free to call our cell phones if that’s what you prefer:

Commercial Insurance

Art Carroll 727-754-0773

David Reed 760-702-5778

Personal Insurance

Lily Cardenas 760-574-4313

Reyna Mazari 760-880-2546

Karen Zakoda 760-449-8462

Health Insurance

Colleen Flores 760-895-7350

Arizona New Business

Kaycie Baker 480-710-8018


Carol Barry 760-609-8252

Everything Else

Carrie Babij 206-719-3651

Thanks for your cooperation!  Make it a safe day!