Mama Bear and Her Cubs

When I was a kid my nickname was “Care Bear” which is a twist on my name based on a brand of teddy bears first sold in the 1980’s. Now that I run an insurance business sometimes I feel more like a Mama Bear who tries to keep her client cubs safe.

Where did these client cubs come from? Mostly from you…referrals are my most important source of new business.

Regarding referrals, I’m often asked by business owners to tell my friends about their product or service. I tell them they don’t need to ask. Because if I know what they do and feel good about how they do it I will tell my friends anyway. And if I don’t like how they do it I’m not going to tell my friends no matter how much they ask. 

My goal is for Desert Insurance Solutions to be referable in your minds. So I hope you’ll indulge me by reading the following recap of what we do and how we do it.

What We Do

Desert Insurance Solutions is an independent multiline insurance broker that offers all types of insurance.

In personal lines (homeowners, auto, umbrella) we offer advice and products for across the range of values. We specialize in higher value homes and the issues their owners typically face such as multiple homes in different states, rental properties, higher liability exposures, etc. We have clients nationwide.

For businesses we offer advice and products to clients ranging from mom/pop stores to entities worth more than $100mm. We specialize in the industries typically found in the Greater Palm Springs and Scottsdale regions.

We also provide professional liability insurance and health insurance to groups and individuals.



How We Do It

  • Local  We have offices in California and Arizona but in today’s world your lifestyle may have you anywhere at any time. So we define “local” as accessible and responsive real people. We have people you get to know and can contact 24/7. We can easily schedule live or video meetings. We don’t ask you do self-service on the web or deal with strangers in a call center.
  • Experts We understand your situation. We have decades of experience working at major insurance brokers. We have extensive industry contacts to place any type of risk. We analyze differences in insurance contracts, so do not peddle cheap insurance. We do due diligence on carrier quality to provide you with the right insurance.
  • Trusted We are independent so have multiple quality carrier options. We are licensed in all states so can act as your single point of contact. We work for you, not the carrier, so can act as advocate on a claim. We are transparent and honest with you about your situation and the insurance industry at large.
  • Friends Our office is professional but also friendly and fun. We want you to feel like a welcome friend. We do not tolerate anyone who acts mean or abusive. Life’s too short.


Our goal is to be referable. If you have an insurance issue, or even a suggestion to make us more referable, I invite you to contact me.  Whatever your issue is, let’s fix it now.

If you do find us referable, that’s awesome! 

Here’s a list of reasons people are referred to Desert Insurance Solutions:

  • No special reason; my friend, family member or business colleague said you were good
  • My CPA, lawyer, financial adviser or mortgage lender sent me
  • My friend had a good experience dealing with your staff
  • I’m buying a home or starting a business
  • My home is worth over $1mm, but I currently have a middle market insurance carrier
  • I have multiple agents and carriers all over, my friend said you could help organize
  • I think I need a risk review, my friend said you were a pro
  • My original agent retired and I don’t care for the new agent I was assigned
  • My other agent isn’t licensed in the right states
  • My other agent couldn’t place the insurance I need
  • My other agent doesn’t return calls and made some errors
  • I need some options to manage the increasing cost of my insurance
  • My old insurance was cancelled or non-renewed

Whatever the reason, there’s always room for more cubs at Desert Insurance Solutions!